At Joynes & Hunt we see every assignment we engage in as a recruitment project with a bespoke plan and a deadline to finish.  All of our solutions are flexible depending on your requirement.  We will build your requirements into one of our five key solutions

Senior Appointments

Joynes & Hunt are specialists in Search and Selection.  Finding the right person for your hire will always be complicated as there are many challenges related to senior appointment. 

Whether we are helping you find a board member, a senior manager or highly skilled professional, we are absolutely dedicated to solving your business essential hiring challenge.  We will sit with you and put in place a plan that works. 

Our job is to find your hire in the best, most efficient and effective way.   We will listen to you, put in place a Service Level agreement and deliver on time.

Candidate Selection Process

Joynes & Hunt work with some of the very best candidates in the Life Science sectors. 

We take every candidate on a great journey and we believe we are able to match to the very highest level.  Whether you want to work with us exclusively or you would like to improve your current staffing methods, we can help.  

Our expert planning process will help deliver you the right candidate.

Team Building

At Joynes & Hunt we understand the time constraints and complications around building teams. 

Whether you are expanding quickly or you are putting together a whole new team we can help you.  When you sit with one of our staffing project managers we will take you through a range of options that will provide you with a high quality, timely and cost effective solution. 

We will work through your challenges to deliver an excellent result.

Contract Offering

All businesses on occasion may have urgent staffing needs.  Whether you need an interim solution while you wait for a new member of staff, you need some extra headcount due to high business workload or you have a complicated project without the required skillset currently available, we can help. 

Joynes & Hunt work with a range of high level contractors who can help solve your short term and long term business challenges. 

On site solutions

Often the problem with high volume recruitment is the competitive nature of the recruitment sector.  Our onsite solution is cost effective and tailored to your need. 

If you need to simplify your volume hiring process and save some time in a cost effective way, we can help you.  Our staffing project managers are able to put in place a great solution for you.